Tuesday 14 Sep, 2010

Nine myths about Boston

Many of us hear about Boston in reference to American History, through the news and media and from family and friends that traveled there.  Ever wonder if some of the things you hear are actually true? Turns out not all fun facts about Boston are true.  Here are nine myths about Boston.

1) Nobody calls it “Beantown”: Baked beans were popular in the Colonial times but it is definitely not the staple it used to be.  Today, there is no food product that Boston is known for, although many argue the city’s clam chowder and seafood is famous.

2) America’s worst drivers? Nope: Rumor has it Boston has the worst drivers, but actually Massachusetts finished in front of New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey this year when testing driver knowledge.

3) Yield at your own risk: Everyone gets confused in the complicated round-a-bout roadways known as “rotaries,” but despite what it may appear to be, the motorists in the circle already have the right of way.

4) Coach won’t be there: When traveling to Boston, people are sure to stop by “Cheers” made popular by the old TV sitcom, but unfortunately they won’t know your name and the fictional Red Sox pitcher from the show won’t be there.

5) The easiest impossible ticket in town: The Boston Red Sox have sold out for over 500 consecutive games; however, tickets are not impossible to get.  The box office will often have tickets on hand the day of the game and tickets can also be purchased from secondary ticketing markets.

6) Dirty water? Think again: The Boston Harbor at one time was so dirty that is was a presidential campaign issue.  Today the Boston Harbor Cleanup Project has made the harbor a safe place: swimming races are even held in the Charles River.

7) Revolt was no party: The Boston Tea Party was no party.  It was a true act of revolution that submitted all involved to trial and prosecution.  It was not until 50 years later when people could tell the story playfully that it coined the name Boston Tea Party.

8) No Pahking zone: Despite the famous phrase people use to mimic the “Bostonian” accent- you actually cannot “Pahk your cah in the Hahvad Yahd.”

9) Fever Pitch does not accurately portray Boston sports fans: Fever Pitch is a romantic comedy that was released in 2005.  The synopsis focuses around a Red Sox fanatic who is supposed to be a typical Boston fan.  However this movie does not accurately depict the majority of Boston Sports Fans.

(Globe Staff File Photo/David L. Ryan)

(Globe Staff Photo/David L. Ryan)